Being a member is a journey not a destination. We are very passionate about grappling and want to make sure that you are too. Grappling is not merely a form of exciting exercise, but a way of life for us. We enjoy both the beauty of what it has to offer as an art form and the power of its technique. We acknowledge that sharing this with you is an intimate and special act.

We spend a lot of time finding, booking and training some of the best in session wrestling talent. Mat rental fees and memberships help us subsidize these costs plus our tailor made environment ensures you get the best in session quality and safety.

To become a member, you MUST submit 2 known references and pay a registration fee.

Wrestler fee’s can range from $250-500/hour depending on experience level and are subject to change. Members receive immediate discounts on all wrestlers’ fees and can get additional discounts if they book regularly. Multi-hour bookings are also potentially eligible for discounts.

Initiation Session
One Time

45 minute skills intake and session analysis
$100 Deposit Fee due with application
Provide 2 known references
One per Applicant
Taught by Head Instructor

Monthly Membership
Per Month

Save up to 25% off on wrestlers' rates
*3 hours of mat rental time per month
Additional time may be purchased for $50 per hour
Month-to-month auto-payments
Non-transferable and non-cumulative
Lessons / sessions are billed separately
Provide 2 known references
Save $50 per month when you sign up for a 12 month contract

*Hours are non-transferable/non-accumulative. For an additional $50/mo fee you can use your 3 membership hours at either of our two locations.


After you submit your payment and application, we will contact you to book your first private registration session:

  • Intake (45min): A head instructor will run you through a series of drills to assess your comprehension, skills, ability to follow instruction, and athletic level. The lesson will end with informational intake that will help us better craft your future session experiences.


After both lessons, we will review your application along with the instructor’s notes and decide if it is appropriate for you to become a member.

  • The membership fees are $200 per month on a month-to-month recurring payment plan. Only $150 per month when you sign up for a 12 month contract
  • Your membership gives you 3 hours of mat time per month based on availability; however this does not include the cost of instruction or session which must be purchased separately. Additional hours of mat rental time may be purchased for $50 per hour, subject to availability.
  • Your monthly mat time is non-transferrable and non-cumulative.


*Members & Invite Only*
Become a BCG sponsor and help our athletes take their skill to the next level. We initiate new BCG wrestlers each month. We train them and hone their skills through rigorous technical education before we unleash them on our members. This is a special opportunity to get to work with two or more specific grapplers that are looking to improve their skills. Being selected to participate in this branch of our program is a special honor for our members who session regularly. You must show your loyalty to our program, and be able to make the financial commitment to the wrestlers. Sponsors pay for three private vigorous technical training sessions under the expert instruction of Professor Blackovich. In return for sponsorship, the wrestlers will provide an hour of two-on-one match up with the sponsor.


Can't make it into the academy? The professor also offer a personalize online training regiment tailor made to suit your needs and wants. Using a combination of online videos and digital communication in the form of text messages, and voice calls, Professor Blakovich will be able to monitor your progress every step of the way.