Prices & FAQs

What are the prices?

To become a member, you MUST submit 2 known references and pay a registration fee.

Wrestler fee’s can range from $250-500/hour depending on experience level and are subject to change. Members receive immediate discounts on all wrestlers’ fees and can get additional discounts if they book regularly. Multi-hour bookings are also potentially eligible for discounts.

Initiation Session
One Time

45 minute skills intake and session analysis
$100 Deposit Fee due with application
Provide 2 known references
One per Applicant
Taught by Head Instructor

Monthly Membership
Per Month

Provide 2 known references
*3 hours of mat rental time per month
Additional time may be purchased for $50 per hour
Month-to-month auto-payments
Non-transferable and non-cumulative
Lessons / sessions are billed separately
Save $50 off per month with an annual contract

*Hours are non-transferable/non-accumulative. For an additional $50/mo fee you can use your 3 membership hours at either of our two locations.

We currently have two locations: San Francisco and East Bay. Both of which are accessible through public transportation.

We do not offer offsite bookings.

Wrestlers schedules vary. Your best chance is to send a booking inquiry 2 weeks prior to the date with 3 day/time alternatives. Our SF location is available for mat time bookings weekdays 6a-10p. Our East Bay location is available for mat time bookings weekdays 10a-4p, after 9p and on weekends after 3:30p.

Non-refundable deposit fee of $25 for all session, custom video, and membership inquiries.

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This will be applied to your first purchase.

Mat Space Rental is $80 per hour for non-members.

Designated mat time is strictly enforced. We charge additional fees if your session/lesson exceeds your designated time.
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As a perk of membership, members receive three hours of mat time per month.

We do not produce or do custom videos.

As a perk of membership, members receive three hours of mat time per month.

A $200 sanitation fee will be added if our policies regarding health and safety are violated. There is no body fluid/excretions (aside from sweat) or nudity allowed.

Please see rules for details.

Wrestler fee's can range from $250-500/hour depending on experience level and are subject to change.

Members receive immediate discounts on all wrestlers' fees and can get additional discounts if they book regularly. You will find the wrestlers' specific rates on their profile pages.

Pricing for sessions and lessons is set by the individual instructor/grappler. Inquire here for more info, and please include the instructor/grappler’s name, and type of session that interested you.

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Note: all inquiries require a $25 non-refundable deposit fee.


Do I have to know how to grapple?

No, in fact we specialize in the educational aspect of competitive training so that regardless of your skill level you can participate. Whether you are curious about what it's like to roll on the ground with a strong and powerful woman or are an experienced session wrestler, Barbary Coast Grapplers has something for you!

Do you travel or offer off site sessions?

Currently, our wrestlers ONLY wrestle on-site at our facilities and do not offer off site or travel sessions. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom to stay informed for changes in travel policies.

Is it safe?

Like any contact sport there is a degree of impact to our bodies, however our instructors are exceedingly well-trained and safety is their number one priority. We keep a highly trained eye on the level of training, and regulate the caliber of its intensity as necessary. The instructor will let you know if you need to slow it down to control your movements more or if you can push the pace. We also require all of our members to go through an extensive intake process so we can customize an experience just for you! In competitive matches, we use the “tapping” system to let our partners know exactly when to stop, kinda like saying uncle or a safeword. You tap by physically tapping your partner’s arm, or by slapping the mat, or by saying the word “tap.” We take this very seriously and if any member or renter does not respect the “tapping” system and/or a training partner's safety, they will be expelled immediately from the premises with no refund. Our first priority is maintaining a safe, consensual and injury free experience for all.

Is there a uniform?

If you are a member, your instructor will inform you of the appropriate attire to wear. Typical clothes worn include: rash guards, board shorts, or a gi/kimono. Clothing must always be clean and free from odor. If you are a renter, you should agree upon your attire with your grappling partner.

What about striking, punching, and kicking?

Some of our instructors offer “beat down” and “punch bag” sessions where you can experience the sensations of impact play at its finest. Bare knuckles, MMA gloves, boxing gloves, and a variety of kicks and knees are waiting for you! However, we do not offer full contact sparring sessions.

Are there videos?

Coming soon! Please note, custom requests are not read until we receive the non-refundable $25 deposit fee via Paypal. Feel free to email us with your custom request once deposit is sent. We will send you an estimate shortly thereafter.

If you are interested in shooting video in our space, please contact us. We have strict policies about recordings, videos, and photography in our space since it is a shared location and we highly value privacy and discretion.

Why is no one responding to my emails?

Here are a few examples as to why we won't respond:
#1 Reason = You didn't send your $25, non-refundable, Paypal deposit
-You used all CAPS to type
-The tone of the email was rude, disrespectful, unprofessional or demanding
-Your email was non-sensical

We are a professional service that offers the best in session wrestling. If you are looking for a pen pal, back and forth relationship with a wrestler, kindly contact them through their NiteFlirt profiles and compensate them for their time and attention. None of our wrestlers respond to directly to emails until the deposit has been received.

We do not provide their personal emails or phone numbers and asking for such will get you immediately ignored at best.

If you cannot afford the $25 deposit, our services are not for you and we recommend trying a community based service such as Fetlife to find like-mind, non-commercial individuals that are interested in wrestling play.

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