Guest: Juliette March

Barbary Coast Grapplers in Training Program introducing Juliette March!

An Ultimate Surrender title holder, this featherweight might be on the petite side but she sure packs a punch! Scrappy, feisty and always ready to throw down, she will take your breath away when she gets mount with her strong thighs. She is part of a bratty dynamic duo with her training partner Nina Vayle and you can book both for a two-on-one, or tag team sessions as well as just to watch them go at it. Juliette is quick on her feet, which of course deserved to be pampered.

Inquire about Juliette's availabilities.


Juliette is one of our visiting wrestlers coming from LA. If you are interested in booking her, travel cost must be covered unless you book her on a planned visit which will be listed above.
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